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Pim Nijssen

Strategy and Management Consultant


My mission is to create balance, atmosphere and trust, focusing on three main issues: a) choosing core issues and keeping them simple; b)working with colleagues in a spirit of trust – both in each other and in the solution ─ where the c) atmosphere is relaxed, with a little humor in the right place and time!

Collaboration inspires me, especially the collaborative tasks found on the cutting edge of water and spatial planning. Although these tasks may look complex, they are actually quite simple ─ my motto. By reducing complex tasks to an outline, I create an overview that I can apply in my work. I enjoy tasks where water management and spatial development meet, for example, in the Dutch Delta program and Room for the River. I’m ready and waiting as stakeholder manager or consultant to serve my clients’ needs ─ in collaboration, governance and stakeholder management.

Pim Nijssen


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